Why does my car pull to the side while I am driving? This is usually due to a misaligned car. Whether the misalignment is from normal every day driving or from a more serious problem like worn, bent, or broken steering or suspension components 911 Auto can fix your problem.

I hear a clicking noise when I make a turn in my car, what is that?This is caused by worn or broken CV axles that need to be replaced. These axles drive your car. Usually what happens is that the rubber boots that cover the CV joint crack and release the grease from the joint. Over time these joints wear down and break.

Why is smoke coming from the tail pipe of my car? There are three main reasons for smoke to be coming out of the tail pipe:

  • Blue Smoke - due to burning oil, caused by worn piston rings, cylinders, or valve guides.
  • White Smoke - due to burning engine coolant, caused by a leaky head gasket or cracked head.
  • Black Smoke - due to a rich air fuel mixture caused by leaky fuel injectors, clogged air filters, and incorrect fuel pressure.

Why does my car run rough or have a rough idle? Many things can contribute to a car with a rough idle. Potential problems could be:

  • clogged fuel filter
  • clogged or dirty fuel injectors
  • improper functioning ignition coil
  • worn/broken spark plugs or wires
  • bad oxygen sensor
  • clogged/blocked air filter or throttle body

These are just a few of the many things that could cause a rough idle. For a more thorough and detailed answer bring you car by our shop for a diagnostic to pin point the problem.